Car Transport: Finding Quality Service at an Affordable Price


At Superb Car Transport, our 13 years of car transport experience ensures you receive the highest quality service. Our experts guide you through the process of moving your car, working with you to determine the most appropriate services for your transport needs.

Car Transport Quotes

Obtaining a quote is free and simple. Located on the Superb Car Transport homepage is a website calculator; we determine the starting cost based on the total mileage, make and model of your vehicle and preferred shipping dates.

Once we determine the specific car transport services you require, they will be added to your total car transport costs.

Car Transport Rates

At Superb Car Transport we offer competitive car transport rates without sacrificing quality. Our expert staff reviews the details of your move with you and helps you determine what car transport services you need. We take the time to explain your choices, along with associated costs, as well as why we recommend or discourage certain options.

Factors that can influence your car transport rates include:

Mode of transport – enclosed shipping is more expensive

Type of vehicle – classic, custom, over sized, alternative and other vehicles that require special needs can increase costs

Flexibility – if you allow us a delivery window, your total cost is less than a firm date

Insurance – if the standard insurance extended to all clients if insufficient for your car, you will incur fees for added coverage

Most car transport transporters offer a similar range of options; however, we take pride that our representatives never pressure customers into services they do not want or need.

We provide you with a detailed estimate before taking your car, with the range or exact price of each chosen service. Our documents list our company policy, insurance agreement and provide space to document the condition of your car before and after your car transport. When we deliver your car, the Bill of Lading will never contain surprise charges.

Who We Service

A number of car transport companies exist, providing services for a number of reasons. At Superb Car Transport we have experience in providing car transport services and auto transport quote to a wide variety of customers including:

  • General Movers and moving quotes – relocating for personal or business reasons
  • Military – families relocating around the nation or overseas
  • Snow-birds – individuals who spend their summers up north and winters in southern states like Florida
  • Car Shows – vintage or antique cars, unsuitable for highway travel
  • Dealerships – working with manufacturers and business owners
  • College – sending a car to your son or daughter away at school
  • Long stays – shipping a car for use on an extend vacation or while you take care of an ill loved one

We have provided car transport services for a number of different reasons and our customer service representatives are experienced in dealing with a variety of unique moving needs. If this is your first experience with car transporters, we will take the extra time to explain the process of shipping your car and if you are a repeat customer, we will streamline the process to save you time by finding you state to state movers such as the website here.


At Superb Car Transport, our reputation of exceptional customer and car transport service can be seen in the many positive reviews and testimonials on websites that rate car transport companies. We pride ourselves on providing a positive car transport experience – from quote to arranging services to delivery.

Call our toll free number and discuss your car transport needs with a Superb Car Transport representative. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.